Com4 is to provide Bikefinder with IoT-technology that will make it virtually impossible to steal bikes. With a tracking unit attached to the handlebars, which is nearly impossible to remove, you will have full knowledge of your bike’s location at any time. A highly favourable insurance agreement is also included with the unit. 

Stein André Larner, CEO of Com4, says that the Norwegian company BikeFinder has developed a revolutionary integrated GPS-based tracking solution for bicycles.

– So far, 90 percent of the stolen bicycles equipped with this solution have been returned to their owners. We are therefore pleased that Com4 has now been chosen as a provider of mobile communication to the tracking unit in order to give bicycle thieves an even harder time, he says.


Borderless tracking

With this solution you can quite simply see the bicycle’s position through mobile communication over 4G. If the bike moves, you will be alerted immediately. Ole Martin Ølmheim, CEO of BikeFinder, says that the solution works throughout Europe, and they expect to deliver approx. 150,000 units with accompanying mobile communication over a period of two years.

– BikeFinder has lofty international ambitions, and we have launched the product in several countries. This makes it important for us to find a collaboration partner and provider that is present in countries other than Norway. Com4 currently has offices in Norway, Sweden and Germany. They are also planning to expand their business to other countries during the course of the next three years, he says.


Pre-installed eSIM

Ole Martin Ølmheim says that there are several reasons for choosing Com4 as a collaboration partner.

– One of the main reasons is that our collaboration with Com4 enables us to install the eSIM in the tracking unit at the factory in China. This greatly facilitates the production process since we no longer have to retrofit it locally. Besides, eSIM handles vibrations far better than traditional SIM cards, he says.

– The possibilities of integrating the SIM and subscriber data with our core systems have also been a decisive factor. This simplifies our administration significantly, since our production batches consist of more than 10,000 units, he continues.


The next generation with NB-IoT or LTE-M

Innovation power is crucial for a company such as BikeFinder. Stein André Larner says that the solution for the next generation may be delivered with NB-IoT or LTE-M.

– It’s important for a company like BikeFinder to have a mobile communication provider that is able to deliver the best solution now and in the future. In Com4 we have our own testlab that lets us verify the solution and simulate how it will behave in the mobile network. This is important before the solution is rolled out on a larger scale, he says.

Ole Martin Ølmheim adds that he has seen examples of units that require a manual restart in order to reconnect to the mobile network after a short interruption.

– It is very expensive to send out staff to manually restart hundreds of units. Having Com4 on our team means we’ll avoid this kind of situation, he concludes.


For further information, please contact:

Stein Andre Larner, Managing Director of Com4


Telephone: +47 47900777