Stein André Larner – CEO i Com4

Com4 has now connected 222,000 IoT devices to its mobile network and has grown by 121,000 devices in the first half of 2017. Sales growth in the first half of 2017 YoY is at 165%*.

Stein André Larner, CEO of Com4, says that IoT’s development is moving quickly and requires a high pace of innovation at companies wishing to succeed in this area.
– Com4 is the only Norwegian mobile operator that focuses mainly on mobile communications for IoT devices. The company was the first mobile operator in Europe to launch rewritable SIM cards in February 2017. With rewritable SIM cards, customers can switch mobile operator in the future without having to swap SIM cards in their IoT devices. This gives customers the assurance that in the future they can choose the best mobile operator for their IoT devices without having to change SIM cards, he says.

Stein André Larner further explains the success of Com4 with the unique expertise the company has built up within IoT and M2M. As a customer, no matter who you talk to at Com4, you will encounter market-leading expertise within IoT and M2M.
– It’s not enough to have general telecom expertise. IoT is at the interface between telecom and IT and you need to have a high level of expertise in both areas to advise the customers. Com4 offers a range of additional services that are not offered by other mobile operators. For instance, Com4 has a test lab where the company tests the customers’ IoT devices to detect how they’re behaving in the cellular network. Com4 also provides advice in hardware selection, he says.

Growth in new industries
Com4 recently launched 4G coverage on installations in the North Sea. Stein André Larner says there is a huge potential in offshore streamlining.
-With lower oil prices, oil companies need to streamline in order to be profitable. The oil companies are therefore in the process of digitising processes and value chains. The Internet of things (IoT) is a central part of the oil companies’ digitisation agenda.

International focus
Com4 is in dialogue with several potential customers outside the country’s borders and expects to announce major international contracts in the near future.

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For further information, please contact:
Stein Andre Larner, Com4 Managing Director
Phone: +47 47900777

About Com4
Com4 AS is a Norwegian mobile operator focusing on mobile data communication for IoT devices. The company operates an extensive network and produces mobile services for a variety of industries, from manufacturing, energy to health and safety. As one of Europe’s foremost mobile operators within IoT and M2M, Com4 is uniquely positioned to meet the future demands and challenges in mobile data communications.