Open dialogue between nurse and patient.

Only half of the pills prescribed in Norway, ends up in the patients’ bellies. The company Dignio, in collaboration with Com4, have chosen to find a solution to this problem.

About Dignio

Dignio was founded in 2010, and is a visionary IT-company composed of doctors, healthcare professionals, product developers and engineers. The company has an ambition to be the leading provider of mobile healthcare technological solutions. Dignio offers a renewed care model, which shall provide users with a higher quality of life and the public a more sustainable way of delivering care to the elderly.


Forgetful patients are a huge healthcare problem, and only half of the pills prescribed in Norway, ends up in the patients’ bellies. Steinar Madsen, medical technical director in Norwegian Medicines Agency, exemplifies the problem clearly: – If the medicines are not consumed on time, patients with too high cholesterol levels will not notice the side effects. Then suddenly without warning a life-threatening heart attack can occur.


Dignio, together with Com4 have taken the problem seriously. Dignios flagship product is called Pilly, and is an intelligent pillbox that notifies the patient when the medicine must be taken. The pills are put in a “carousel” with 28 chambers, and at the time of medication notifies with a sound or a light signal. If the medicine is not taken, an SMS notification about the “error” is sent to the patient’s next of kin. It is Com4’s SIM card technology that ensures Pilly can put up a fight against bad medication compliance in the health sector. SIM cards communicate through a private network which is separated from the open mobile network. This ensures that the traffic flows undisturbed, and ensures that the information gets to where it needs to be.


Pilly has gained recognition. By now the technology is sold to between 40 and 50 counties in Norway, and one county in Denmark. In addition, Dignio is in negotiations with healthcare authorities in China and England.

Nationally Dignio are experiencing that the county officials are becoming comfortable with M2M based welfare technology, and reliable communication is key in meeting increasing demands. Com4 delivers a reliable service which includes custom solutions and present customer service. The technology has been reliable, which is essential in the healthcare sector, says Jens Espeland, product developer in Dignio.