The M2M-market for mobile payment solutions and retail consists of specialized connected devices and solutions that can process transactions, handle delivery of goods, secure control over warehouses and storage conditions, increase insight into buyer behaviour and promoting goods. Examples of such devices include POS terminals, connected vending machines, kiosks, ATMs, coffee machines, screens and sensors.

The store has become “alive” with screens, sensors, and devices that continuously exchange data, wirelessly. Possibilities range from shops where a salesperson orders goods from a wireless handheld terminal, to banks and service stations using the latest in screen technology to show media-rich content such as offers, promotions and even personalized offers in realtime.

Even if connected devices have become mainstream, and payment terminals have used mobile technology for ages, the “Internet of Things”(IoT) revolution has barely started in retail.
Actors now prepare themselves for changes that will affect every link in the supplychain, a change that likely will be just as great as when e-comerce was first introduced over a decade ago.

Technology now tie consumers, devices and data together to create smarter solutions and a better shopping experience, from physical shops to web- and mobile commerce. Wireless networks and mobile communication now connects with customers in a way that was impossible 5 years ago.
The trade industry can offer the customer payment terminals where the customer is, and realtime-information contributes to controlling orders, warehouses and logistics. Com4 is one of the leading actors when it comes to delivering communications for smarter trade.

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