Privatization and deregulation have opened up European and Nordic energy markets to strong competition, which in turn have given the end users greater freedom of choice when it comes to covering their energy needs. At the same time the power companies are under significant pressure to lower distribution costs, improve system reliability and openness, and also to deliver energy in more sustainable ways, by using so-called “smart grids”.

This opens the door to new opportunities for power companies in the form of more accurate billing of customers, faster problem solving, better flow of information, and better customer service. Power companies get the opportunity to plan and optimize their grids based on information about how energy is consumed, which results in huge efficiency gains.

Smart power-meters in homes and business areas is in its infancy, in technical terms called “Advanced Measuring System” (AMS). By January 1. 2019, Norwegian homes will be equipped with power-meters that automatically reads how much power is consumed and sends reports to the provider.

The government’s initiative to support energy efficiency makes it possible for the consumer to be more active in managing their power consumption. Effective communication between the meter, the power grid and the customer is an important component in delivering smarter energy solutions to the end user. Com4 is a significant supplier for AMS and delivers communications for hundreds of thousands meters.

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