Oil and Gas

Volatile oil prices have put pressure on oil and gas companies to be more efficient, which in turn has lead to higher demands to their suppliers. The entire supplychain is affected, both upstream- and downstream activities. Not only are more efficient operations and increased production required, but there is also an increasing demand for more environmentally friendly production with systems that can minimize the risk of the more serious consequences of faulty machines and equipment.

M2M communication is an important tool that companies can utilize to improve operational efficiency in a market with increased competition. Alternative energy and “green” -energy is on the rise, and uses M2M-solutions to reduce production-costs and improve operational control, which in turn strengthens the competitiveness.

With new communications technologies, such as LTE(4G) and the possibility of integrating different forms of communication into one communications solution, creates an opportunity to reduce communications costs. More traffic can be routed away from satellite communications and over to more cost efficient technologies such as LTE and WiFi. M2M gives oil and gas companies the opportunity to explore new ways of secure communication and to prevent harmful and expensive emissions.

As an example lets take a supply-vessel which monitors turbines and equipment. Here the service need can be reduced and the utilization increased. By combining different communication technologies in a common communications solution it is possible to reduce the dependency on expensive satelitecommunication, and instead use the mobile grid, WiFi and fiber where available. An additional advantage for the supplier is having full control over the communications.

Com4 have delivered communications for numerous projects within oil and gas, both on land and at sea. Do you want further information about the advantages of using M2M technology in oil and gas? Please contact us.