Smart Cities

A “smart” city uses technology to improve operational efficiency, reducing costs, reducing power-outages, managing peak energy demands and generally make life easier for its inhabitants. To create a “smart” city requires coordinated investments in infrastructure for electricity, telecommunication, water and sewage, health and more.
More specifically required is advanced communications networks and communications solutions, information-systems, systems for computing and analysis, sensor technology, meters, displays and administration solutions.

The goal for smart cities is to be able to integrate data and control many different components, infrastructures and solutions by the help of machine to machine communication (M2M). Examples of such systems include; water and sewage systems, security and monitoring, climate control, electronic healthcare systems, traffic systems, transportation systems, tollbooth systems, streetlights, smart bins, rat-traps and power meters. The basis for smart cities is communication, which mainly is based on mobile technologies. M2M allows quick deployment and connection of diverse objects, independent of where they are located.

A simplified example of a solution for municipal engineering may be a mobile device with a sensor placed in a manhole cover. It can be programmed to report at specific times in a day, or if special circumstances occur – for example above average water level. If need to warn someone, the devices can send an alarm which reports the incident. M2M communication opens up the possibility of remote-controlling machines when needed, for example activating a pumping station automatically or from a security central.

Com4 delivers communications to among other things, localization of vehicles, diagnostics of buses, information for public transportation, smart tollbooths, smart rat-traps and different control-units for. water, sun-cell and energy and more. Do you want further information about the advantages of using M2M to make cities smarter? Please contact us.