IoT Product Options


M2M Access is our basic subscription for M2M which ensures access to the mobile network and platform. In addition to M2M Access you choose a model that suits your needs. M2M Access also is open for a wide array of additional services tailored to M2M, such as fixed IP addresses, private APN or different filtering solutions and portal solutions.

M2M Access

M2M Access is our basic subscription for M2M. In addition to M2M Access you choose a model that suits your needs. M2M Flex or M2M Data Package.

Product PriceDescription
Set-up Feekr 29Onetime cost per SIM
M2M Accesskr 12Per month per SIM

M2M Flex

M2M Flex is a variable model where you pay for actual usage, without tying yourself to a fixed amount of data.

Product PriceDescription
M2M Flex kr 3,99 Per month per SIM

M2M Data PackageM2M Data Package

M2M Data Package can be added to the basic subscription M2M Access. With Data Package you get good control over costs and the possibility of adding the speed you need. If in periods you have need for more data than what is included in the package, it will automatically expand.

10MBkr 25Per month per SIM
50MBkr 39Per month per SIM
100MBkr 59Per month per SIM
1GBkr 89Per month per SIM
5GBkr 189Per month per SIM
8GBkr 219Per month per SIM
15GBkr 289Per month per SIM
30GBkr 389Per month per SIM
100GBkr 699Per month per SIM
200GBkr 1199Per month per SIM
300GBkr 1399Per month per SIM
* Data package prices is only valid in EU, and only up to 5GB data packages. Contact us for prices outside EU.
Additional Data PriceDescription
10-100 MBkr 3,99Expansion data package 10-100MB per MB
1-100 GBkr 99Expansion data package 10-100MB per MB

M2M Data Pool

With a Data Pool, all your SIM cards can use data from a shared “pool” and you relate only to the average usage per SIM card. If a SIM card uses more data a month, you are not invoiced for this, as long as the average usage per SIM card stay below a given limit. Data Pool is fore you who have many SIM cards in your solution, an at the same time reveals an opportunity for volume discounts. Offered upon request.

M2M Data PoolOffered upon request.

M2M SMS Package

M2M SMS Package can be added to the subscription M2M Access. With SMS Package, you get good control over costs, and a good price if you need a lot of SMS per month. Com4 has their own SMSC server, so if you have special requirements, contact us to explore the possibilities.

SMS PackagePriceDescription
SMS 10 kr 7Per month per package
SMS 50kr 29Per month per package
SMS 100kr 49Per month per package
SMS 300kr 99 Per month per package
SMS 600kr 199 Per month per package

M2M Additional Services

Com4 offers an array of additional services and different security levels for M2M solutions. We encourage you to contact us, so we can find a solution that suits you and your needs. Here is an overview of what we offer as standard, but contact us, and we will help you along!

Establish a Private APNOffered upon requestOnetime cost
Private APN*Offered upon requestPer month per APN
Public Fixed IPkr 119Per month per SIM

*Independent of the number of SIM cards per APN