We partake in the take away-revolution

With the takeaway service Just Eat, everyone can pickup their mobile phone at any time, find a local restaurant in a huge online catalogue, order dinner, and get it delivered on their doorstep. The technology behind it is delivered by Com4.

About Just Eat

Just eat is a growing takeaway –portal online, that today conveys fast-food orders in 13 different countries. Only in Norway Just Eat cooperates with 340 restaurants.
The concept has given many smaller restaurants the ability to compete against bigger actors on the takeaway market.


In the beginning Just Eat conveyed pizza orders by fax. After a while the communication switched over to ISDN connections, from 2006 gradually started using the mobile network as the main solution. Today Just Eat is dependent on a system that ensures that the communication between the user and the restaurant is quick and reliable. Com4 have met the challenge head on.


Com4 delivers an advanced communications service for Just Eat and ensures a quick and painless communication between the web based order-portal and the restaurants. The solution includes secure communication in a private APN and a web-based management tool that gives Just Eat full control over their communications solution.


-With communication from Com4, Just Eat have increased their quality of service, and reduced the delivery time. New cooperative restaurants flow to, and revenue increases each year. Some of the restaurants we cooperate with have doubled their revenue after getting aboard. They are the living proof of the takeaway –revolution, says commercial director in Just Eat Norway, Lars Lunde Birkeland.

– Com4’s solution has never had any downtime. This we have experienced with other operators we have tested. For Just Eat there is a crisis if the systems suddenly break down on a Sunday afternoon, because that is when you, me or the neighbour orders fast-food, he adds.