The Norwegian mobile operator Com4 has been granted a global mobile network code from ITU (International Telecommunication Union), as one of 100 providers worldwide. The code allows the company to provide customers with secure and cost effective international data traffic.

The global network codes sets the stage for the Norwegian company’s international expansion. According to Managing Director Kristian Sølvberg, the company has high ambitions for global growth.   We already have global coverage based on international roaming contracts. We will now be able to connect more local contracts into the same communication solution, enabling strongly reduced prices for the customer. This is a big competitive advantage for us, Sølvberg said.

Growing fast

Com4 was founded in 2011, with its main offices located in Oslo, Norway. The company is growing rapidly on the Norwegian market, having quadrupled its revenue since January this year and already forecasting a solid 2016.
Norwegian and Nordic telecom companies are in the forefront of the technological development, with new ideas and new solutions. Our goal is to be a major player in driving the innovation process forward within our industry, Sølvberg said.

The Internet of Things

The time has passed when only computers, mobile phones and iPads were connected to the Internet. These days, ordinary things in our daily lives are becoming connected, opening a world of possibilities. The evolvement of the Internet of Things (IoT) drives demand for safe and cost effective solutions for mobile data communication.
The ITU code means we can offer a solution tailored for all industries with a need for cross border data traffic. A good example is the vehicle industry, where more and more of the solutions are based on technology and data transmissions. Soon we can offer a solution where the data costs will not be affected by where in the world the vehicle is. Gartner predicts that the number of connected cars will surpass 250 million in 2020, Sølvberg said.

Seven month process

The ITU 9001 MCC ragne is an operator series with 100 global network codes making it easy to create global solutions for data traffic. Com4 had to go through a seven month qualification process to get the code. Other international companies also on the ITU list includes Vodafone, AT&T and France Telecom.

For more information, please contact:

Stein Andre Larner
CEO Com4
+47 47900777

About Com4

With its own complete mobile core infrastructure dedicated to M2M / IoT communications, Com4 produces advanced services for the professional market. In all elements of the solution lifecycle, from design through sales, delivery and support, Com4 is focused on reliable, secure and cost effective mobile communications and associated services. The addition of the latest GSMA-approved Remote Subscription Management enables Com4 to deliver solutions to customers where aspects such as full vendor interoperability, high security and remote management are key to a professional and cost effective solution. This places Com4 in a unique position within the European IoT ecosystem to satisfy the ever more demanding marketplace with the necessary dynamic solutions.