Advanced IoT Services

Com4 offers a wide array of additional services adapted to machines’ requirements for secure communication.


Private APN is an enhanced service where customer subscriptions/devices are segregated into an isolated APN. Traffic from this APN is contained within a dedicated MPLS VLAN to elevate security. IP based communication between the customer’s servers and devices, can be run through the VPN to Com4, and onwards to the mobile devices.

Fixed Public IP-address

By using a public IP-address you will always be able to reach your device over the Internet.

Cloud Connect

 Private and dedicated managed connections to all major cloud providers, routed outside public internet for increased resilience and security. Geographically redundancy for Com4 distributed datacenters with primary and secondary routes in different regions. Multiple choise of point-of-presence for all providers, eg. Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Oslo.

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)

In selected markets Com4 offers Fixed Wireless Access, using 4G & 5G. Fixed Wireless Access is an efficient and scalable alternative to wired connections, with download speed up to 500 Mbps.