Com4 and Anticimex Smart takes out the city-rats

Now the rats are facing massive resistance in the sewers. Thanks to the “Internet of Things” city-centres can now be rid of rats. This by utilizing technology – not poison. The solution is so-called smart rat traps that are online thanks to mobile data-communication delivered by Com4. When rats enter the trap they are instantly killed by 6000 watts or by blunt spears, depending on if they are above or below ground.

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Anticimex Smart – en intelligent løsning for skadedyrbekjempelse

We partake in the take away-revolution

With the takeaway service Just Eat, everyone can pickup their mobile phone at any time, find a local restaurant in a huge online catalogue, order dinner, and get it delivered on their doorstep. The technology behind it is delivered by Com4.

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Open dialogue between nurse and patient

Only half of the pills prescribed in Norway, ends up in the patients’ bellies. The company Dignio, in collaboration with Com4, have chosen to find a solution to this problem.

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