Driftsmeldinger/Operational status

Operational status

Change of notification system for operational status and planned work

We are moving over to use statuspage.io for operational status and planned work notifications. We will add some customers we already have on email lists in the coming days.
If you don’t receive an invitation, and want to be warned about these things. Please send us a list of users in your organization that need this information to support@com4.no


Planned Work

2021-11-02 Planned maintenance work

Planned maintenance work to scale core capacity. Scheduled in two jobs – the first night to Wednesday Nov 03 and the second night to Thursday Nov 04. Maintenance proceeds after preparations in the evening and concludes with verifications in the early morning.

No connectivity service impact is expected. However user-controlled changes in provisioning will be unavailable / queued in this period.

To avoid risk of loss of database synchronisation, the provisioning functionality in the customer portal (CMP) will be limited from Nov 2 at 17:00 to Nov 4 at. 08:00.

– Operations such as SIM provisioning/ deprovisioning and freezing/unfreezing will be queued during this period, and only implemented by system after completed upgrade. This is the case both for operations triggered in GUI (web-page) and through API.

– Other CMP features will be working as usual (such as no impact on preactivated/preprovisioned subscriptions with delayed start functionality).

If provisioning-type operations are required in the period, please consider if it can be undertaken outside this service window. Please contact support for questions or additional assistance.

Thank you for you understanding,

Com4 NOC team