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The official figures from the Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) show that Com4 achieved growth of 44.5% in the first half of 2019. Com4’s subscription base increased by 51,660 in a market where total growth was 116,160. This has resulted in Com4 growing the fastest of all mobile operators in Norway.
Stein André Larner, CEO of Com4, says that Com4 has been experiencing the most growth among Norwegian mobile operators for several years.
– The IoT market has grown by 618,000 subscriptions since 1 January 2017, with Com4 growing by 331,000 subscriptions in the same period. This means that Com4 has taken 53.5% of subscription growth within IoT and is growing at a faster rate than all competitors combined. Com4 now has a market share of 23.3%
International growth
Com4 has already established offices in Stockholm and Frankfurt and expects significant growth in the coming year.
– We plan to open offices in several European cities in the future. More and more of our customers are global, and the largest growth will therefore be outside Norway, says Stein André Larner.
New technologies
After Com4 launched the mobile technologies NB-IoT and LTE-M earlier this year, the company has experienced great interest and demand.
– We are already underway with more pilots, and we expect a large increase in the number of devices using these technologies in the coming year. This is due to the fact that they solve many of the challenges of today’s 2G and 4G technologies that require a lot of power and expensive hardware. According to Analysys Mason, there will be 7 billion IoT devices globally by 2028, and a large portion of these will use new IoT technology, concludes Stein André Larner.
About Com4
Com4 is an international mobile (cellular) operator headquartered in Oslo, Norway; with focus on IoT and M2M communications. The company was founded in 2011 and is one of few dedicated IoT operators with their own core network for production of mobile connectivity & services.  Com4 offers a broad spectrum of products and services tailored to the professional market. In particular eUICC for subscription management; support for both NB-IoT & Cat.M radio technologies as well as traditional 2G/3G/4G; high availability and high security connectivity options; global coverage via coveted 901 ITU network code; advanced management portal & APIs.
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Stein Andre Larner, Com4 CEO
Phone: +47 47900777