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If you’re involved in the development of a new IoT product, then you’ll have realised that there are a vast number of decisions to make that will have a big impact on your project.


Whether your role is managing technical risk in  developing a physical device, ensuring that the product has a long life cycle, or reliably forecasting the total cost of ownership of your new offering, you’ll have to consider a lot of variables.


With all of these considerations in mind, it should be clear if cellular technology is the right solution for your project. If you do not want to take on the cost of deploying and managing your own network, and are intending for your products to be used in a range of locations that are likely to be served by cellular connectivity providers, then it’s likely that cellular IoT is the right choice for you.

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Consider an example where you have access to reports about data usage of your devices, and separately sales of devices. You may be able to create a custom solution that can access these two separate data sources, to predict this month’s data usage as a combination of existing usage records, and knowledge of new devices. If this prediction shows a high likelihood of exceeding your data allowance, then the system could automatically increase your data allowance to

Unified and flexible billing

As you increase the number of SIM cards in your fleet, and the number of operators that you’re connecting to, you don’t want an increased level of admin to follow. Selecting a suitable connectivity provider can ensure that you receive a single invoice regardless of how many operators or SIM cards your solutions need to make use of. Some business cases will also benefit from having billing handled differently, such as being split by
geographical location or business unit. Consider how
you want your billing to be handled and ensure that
your potential provider can support these needs.