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IoT experts at Com4 help in enhancing the connection between vehicles and infrastructure by offering reliable SIM cards, as well as 5G and LTE-M technology. These are crucial for implementing smart logistics systems.

Even minor improvements in the supply chain can save your company millions of euros. IoT devices such as GPS trackers, telemetry sensors, and OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) systems enable real-time data collection and analysis from vehicles.

– These technologies allow fleet operators to optimize driving routes and reduce unnecessary mileage, significantly cutting fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, explains Eivind Bøe from Com4.

Optimized, Cost-Effective Communication with LTE-M Technology

Accurate data such as estimated delivery times, route optimization, and condition monitoring are essential for efficient operations. However, this data requires a reliable global network to be transmitted and received precisely when and where it’s needed.

Com4 provides customized IoT solutions to streamline processes across the entire supply chain:

With one network providing access to over 750 RANs in more than 190 countries, you get unparalleled global coverage.

– We integrate devices and sensors with IoT support in vehicles, goods, and infrastructure. This allows for you to receive constantly updated information on performance, location, and condition, Bøe explains.

LTE-M (Long-Term Evolution for Machines) is perfect for tracking mobile devices, as IoT devices can actively monitor different regions using just battery power.

Thanks to LTE-M’s low power consumption, devices can remain in standby mode while still receiving messages.

This offers flexible communication technology that is highly effective for transport, logistics, and traffic monitoring.

– With these technologies, you can ensure that vehicles follow the most efficient routes to their destinations, effectively avoiding traffic jams and unnecessary detours, says Bøe.


Proactive Problem Detection with IoT Technology

IoT technology offers significant opportunities for predictive maintenance through sensors that continuously monitor a vehicle's critical systems.

– The sensors, combined with AI-driven analytical tools, can detect potential technical issues before they escalate into major failures or cause operational downtime, explains Bøe.

This approach not only improves cost-efficiency by reducing unexpected repair costs but also increases the reliability and safety of vehicles.

Optimal Charging and Energy Management

– IoT devices can monitor battery status and optimize charging schedules based on real-time needs and available infrastructure. This results in more efficient use of renewable energy and reduces reliance on fossil fuels, Bøe notes.

Com4 complies with GSMA standards and meets the stringent security requirements of major mobile network operators. We also provide VPN and private APN solutions for enhanced security and encryption.

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