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Resilient and future-proof global connectivity

An eSIM (embedded SIM) refers to the embedded SIM form (eUICC) or the ability to store multiple profiles and remotely provision them within any cellular-connected IoT device. 
eSIM offers a number of benefits over traditional SIM cards, including greater convenience, more storage space, easier carrier switching, and improved security.


Why choose Com4´s eSIM?

Com4´s eSIM has already gained widespread adoption in various business use cases worldwide. Our eSIM is fully compliant with the GSMA standard and offers remote SIM provisioning as well as access to a global mobile network. This enables us to provide advanced, digitally-connected solutions across all industries.

Benefits of eSIM


Long-term reliability

eSIMs offer robust durability, as they are challenging to access and resistant to damage. This attribute proves especially advantageous for global IoT projects, as devices can remain reliably connected for extended periods after deployment. 


Compact size

eSIMs are less than half the size of Nano SIMs and do not require a socket, allows them to seamlessly fit into incredibly small devices. This empowers manufacturers to design sleek and streamlined devices that not only conserve space but also enhance battery life for extended usage.


Improved security

By soldering and sealing eSIMs within IoT devices, they become tamper-resistant, safeguarding against unauthorized access. The ability to remotely upgrade sensitive data, applications, and subscriptions empowers connected devices to swiftly adapt and respond to emerging threats, ensuring enhanced security and protection.

Reduced Costs

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Embedded eSIMs with a single SKU reduce device ownership costs by streamlining manufacturing and supply chain management.

Network swap

Global coverage

Effortlessly switch between 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks worldwide to enhance mobile coverage, while LPWAN technologies like NB-IoT and LTE-M are perfectly suited for long-range connectivity with low data rates.

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Leading connectivity solutions with eSIM

All Com4 eSIMs (eUICC) are remotely programmable. Through our GSMA compliant RSP platform, we can support various scenarios of Remote SIM operations on large fleets of eSIM.

  • Swap of operator
  • Localization of SIM profile
  • Optimization of cost and access to roaming networks globally
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SIM types and formats

When it comes to SIM cards, there are various types and formats available in the market.
Our eSIMs are designed to support the remote SIM provisioning (RSP) capability, which is enabled by GSMA compliant systems and processes on the network side, along with advanced SIM OS functions and additional secure memory to facilitate the remote programming functions. This sets them apart from traditional SIM cards, offering enhanced flexibility and convenience for users.