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Cutting-edge IoT connectivity products

Future-proof your IoT with our expertise

As a leading end-to-end IoT connectivity provider, Com4 offers innovative IoT connectivity solutions that empowers businesses to develop and operate game-changing technologies. Our comprehensive IoT stack has helped customers across the globe to build and implement successful projects that make a real difference.

Connectivity Packages

Experience seamless connectivity with our tailored IoT packages! At Com4, we offer flexible and customizable connectivity solutions to suit the unique needs of your IoT project. Our packages are designed to provide reliable and secure connectivity, with features like real-time data transmission and global coverage. No matter the size of your business, we have a connectivity package and pricing plan that help you scale.
Global connectivity


Pay as you go is is our variable model where you pay for actual usage, without tying yourself to a fixed amount of data.


Data Package

Revolutionize your data usage with our Data Package Model - enjoy cost control and flexibility, with automatic expansion when you need it most.

Data pool

Data Pool

Streamline your data usage with our Data Pool - share data across all your SIM cards and only pay for the average usage per card. Plus, enjoy the added benefit of potential volume discounts for your solution.

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Add-on IoT Products

With our add-on IoT connectivity products, you can unlock the full potential of your devices and systems, enabling you to gather and secure valuable data, optimize performance, and automate processes.

  • Global IoT Sim Cards
  • Private APN
  • Public Fixed IP
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Fixed Wireless Access

In selected markets, Com4 offers Fixed Wireless Access, using 4G & 5G. Fixed Wireless Access is an efficient and scalable alternative to wired connections, with download speed up to 500 Mbps.

We strive to be one of the most recommended IoT Connectivity providers in the world

Com4 is your true partner for IoT Connectivity. We provide leading IoT connectivity solutions and products with Nordic quality, tailor-made for optimal performance and reliability. We are committed to constant innovation and engagement to enable agile IoT utilization for society and business.

750 +
Connect your devices to over 750 cellular networks spanning across 190 countries with Com4's carrier-agnostic IoT SIM cards.
800 +
Join the ranks of over 800 satisfied customers worldwide who have leveraged our disruptive IoT solutions for their projects.
190 +
Enjoy seamless 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE-M, NB-IoT, or 5G connectivity that's tailor-made for your specific needs. We've got you covered, wherever you are in the world.
IoT Connections
10 M+
Com4 has already enabled connectivity for over 10 million SIM cards and facilitated countless IoT projects.
"Com4 enables a reliable and efficient connection at all our customers’ stations. It is of the utmost importance for us to have a supplier who can guarantee that our communication works smoothly and reliably in all nine countries where we operate."
"It's often a tedious task to monitor machines that run as they should 99.5% of the time. With our solution based on Com4 technology, workdays are better, and we contribute to fewer cars on the road."
“Com4 was the only company that showed the flexibility needed to handle the new CENELEC-protocol requiring a different form of communication with the electricity meters.”
"Rapid and stable connectivity between the cages and the operations center is fundamental for the advancement of artificial intelligence."
"The technology has been critical to our
success and reliable, which is essential in the healthcare sector.”
"The solutions from Com4 are absolutely essential when sensor data from containers is transferred to the cloud."
“Com4's IoT solutions have exhibited flawless performance, unlike other operators we have tested.”
"The solution from Com4 makes it easy for us to get the old telephone devices online. All devices connect to a central web solution. This allows booth guardians across the country to update and upload audio files to the kiosks."
“For an entrepreneurial company, the expertise of Com4 has been invaluable in developing our GPS tracking technology – and has elevated our capacity in a way we are very grateful for.”

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