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I have the wrong subscriptions relative to my data-usage, what do I do?

All customers can enter the web-portal themselves and change product for active subscriptions. Note that all changes of the subscription will not take effect until next month.

I have been billed for next month, is this correct?

Every data-package, additional services and fixed fees are invoiced in advance every month. Data/SMS usage is calculated at the end of every month and is invoiced the next month.

The invoice is incorrect; how do I get in touch with Com4?

You can contact invoice-support on +47 9404 9404, or send an email to

Is there any time-lock on the subscriptions?

There are no time-lock on any of Com4’s subscriptions, unless earlier agreed upon. By ending a subscription, the subscription is active to the end of the current month, and then no more. You can end subscriptions yourself in the web-portal.