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iSIM: The Future of SIM Technology

iSIM, or Integrated SIM, is the latest innovation in SIM technology that promises to revolutionize the way we think about mobile devices. 

The term iSIM (or iUICC & ieUICC) refers to an integrated SIM, eliminating the need for a separate physical SIM chip in formats like 4FF, 3FF, 2FF, or MFF2. Instead, it is integrated directly with the processor core and utilizes the encryption capabilities of the SoC (System on a Chip) on a cellular module. Essentially, an iSIM can be envisioned as a shrunken SIM card incorporated within the SoC, effectively becoming its operating system. The iSIM adheres to the GSMA's eSIM and RSP specifications. 


Wide range of benefits of iSIM

Enhanced Security: iSIM is tamper-proof and impossible to clone, making it the most secure SIM technology available.
Up to 70% Less power:  iSIM offers a significant reduction of up to 70% in standby power consumption, revolutionizing IoT devices with built-in lifetime batteries, especially when compared to multi-chip designs.
Flexible subscription deployment models: iSIM enables flexible subscription deployment models, supporting both fixed network subscriptions and the ability to change subscriptions with an eSIM operating system.
Lower Costs: Simplified design, logistic chain and fewer components lead to up to 50% cost savings for large-scale IoT deployments.
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Differences between iSIM and eSIM


eSIMs are similar to traditional SIM cards in that they have a dedicated chip that stores SIM information. However, eSIMs are much smaller than traditional SIM cards, making them ideal for use in smaller devices like wearables and IoT devices.


Unlike physical SIM cards that require a dedicated slot or eSIM/eUICC that needs a separate chip for setup, iSIM is not soldered onto the device's circuit board. Instead, it has a designated area on the system on chip (SoC) on a cellular module with tamper-resistant protection. Similar to eSIM, iSIM enables remote provisioning of network profiles by connectivity providers.

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