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We provide cutting-edge 360-degree IoT connectivity solutions to customers across all industries
Discover the Power of Industrial IoT Solutions from Com4
Experience the impact of IoT in connected industries with Com4. Our cutting-edge solutions enable seamless connectivity between people, devices, and places. Learn how our Industrial IoT solutions can revolutionize your industry.

Energy & Utilities

Lower costs and reach new efficiency standards with grid reorientation. Our team can help you revolutionize energy consumption and leverage the latest innovations.


Logistics & Transportation

Our fleet solutions provide seamless connectivity scaled to meet your unique needs.



Connect the world of smart farming to you improve efficiency, increase yields, and drive profitability.



Enhance Patient and Clinician Experience while lowering Costs.

Industry & Manifucturing

Industry & Manufucturing

IoT connectivity offers numerous benefits for industry and manufacturing, including improved efficiency, productivity, quality control, safety, and cost savings.

Smart buildings

Smart Buildings

With IoT-enabled systems, smart buildings can optimize operations, reduce costs, and provide a better experience for occupants.

Public Sector

Public Sector

IoT connectivity has enormous potential to improve the delivery of public services and enhance the quality of life for citizens.



Ensuring personal safety, as well as safeguarding our homes, businesses, and possessions, is of paramount importance, and security measures are crucial in achieving this.

Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Reliable connectivity transforms cities; Com4 offers comprehensive solutions for efficient, sustainable, and inclusive urban living.



IoT benefits micromobility by enhancing safety, streamlining fleet management, improving user experience, reducing costs, and supporting sustainability.



IoT enhances retail with improved customer experience, inventory management, operational efficiency, loss prevention, and sustainability, ensuring seamless connectivity.

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Leading IoT Solutions designed for Your Industry

Explore IoT Solutions for Your Industry with Com4. Get ahead of the competition with our IoT solutions. Com4 provides unparalleled IoT network connectivity and support to move your business forward.

"Com4 enables a reliable and efficient connection at all our customers’ stations. It is of the utmost importance for us to have a supplier who can guarantee that our communication works smoothly and reliably in all nine countries where we operate."
“Com4 was the only company that showed the flexibility needed to handle the new CENELEC-protocol requiring a different form of communication with the electricity meters.”
"Rapid and stable connectivity between the cages and the operations center is fundamental for the advancement of artificial intelligence."
"The technology has been critical to our
success and reliable, which is essential in the healthcare sector.”
"The solutions from Com4 are absolutely essential when sensor data from containers is transferred to the cloud."
“Com4's IoT solutions have exhibited flawless performance, unlike other operators we have tested.”
"The solution from Com4 makes it easy for us to get the old telephone devices online. All devices connect to a central web solution. This allows booth guardians across the country to update and upload audio files to the kiosks."
"It's often a tedious task to monitor machines that run as they should 99.5% of the time. With our solution based on Com4 technology, workdays are better, and we contribute to fewer cars on the road."
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Future-proof your IoT infrastructure with our cutting-edge solutions. Com4 is your True Partner for IoT Connectivity