Mobile Core Network / Cellular Networks / 5G

Exploring the Potential of 5G RedCap in IoT

However, the high cost associated with full-scale 5G deployment poses challenges, especially for...

Connectivity / Innovation / API / IoT-Automation

How Application Programming Interfaces Make IoT Work

Introduction to IoT and APIs This network of interconnected devices not only collects valuable...

LPWAN technologies / Connectivity / Cellular Networks / Smart Metering

Smart Meters: Revolutionizing the Energy Landscape

These intelligent devices, continuously measuring and transmitting energy consumption data in...

IoT Security / Connectivity / Mobile Core Network

Navigating the IoT Security Landscape: The Crucial Role of VPN

However, with this increased connectivity comes the pressing need for robust security measures. One...

LPWAN technologies / Connectivity / Cellular Networks

The impact of 2G and 3G Sunset on IoT Connectivity

As the world embraces the rapid deployment of 4G and 5G technologies, the retirement of older...

Com4 Sim cards
IoT Security / Connectivity / SIM technology

Unleashing the Potential of M2M SIM Cards

In this blog article, we will explore the world of M2M SIM cards, shedding light on their generic...

Connectivity / Innovation / SIM technology

Futureproof your IoT solutions with the eUICC technology

Join us as we explore the world of eUICC technology, its versatile applications, adherence to...

IoT Security / Connectivity / Innovation / Mobile Core Network

Empowering Your IoT Journey: The Crucial Role of a Robust Core Network

At Com4, we understand the critical role our core network plays in defining your IoT connectivity...

Connectivity / Innovation / SIM technology

Exploring SGP.32: The new standard for Remote SIM Provisioning

New multi-region IoT deployments can look forward to the benefits of this standard, with enrollment...


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