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worldwide connectivity using only one SIM card

At Com4, we offer a wide range of IoT connectivity solutions to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and industries. One of our key offerings is multi-IMSI SIMs technology.


A multi-SIM approach can provide more than one connectivity option for each device

SIM cards that are traditionally used in IoT devices are usually designated to a single network provider, meaning that the device has only one option for connectivity. However, adopting a multi-SIM approach can provide more than one connectivity option for each device. 

This approach can be achieved by installing multiple SIM cards in a single device, or by using a multi-network SIM card that can hold multiple profiles. This approach can significantly enhance the likelihood of maintaining constant connectivity. These options also allow IoT devices to switch to better quality networks or switch between different regional or in-country operators while on-the-move.


Global connectivity

Increased coverage

A multi-IMSI SIM card can access multiple networks, which can increase coverage and reduce the risk of losing signal in areas where a single network may have weak coverage.


Improved reliability

If one network is experiencing issues or maintenance, the multi-IMSI SIM can automatically switch to another available network, ensuring continuous connectivity.

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Cost savings

A multi-IMSI SIM card can help reduce roaming charges when the IoT device crosses borders, either for a mobile product that moves internationally during use, as well as for a product delivered as single Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) which shall serve many markets using the same SIM. 



A multi-IMSI SIM card can support different profiles, allowing users to switch between plans and providers without needing to physically replace the SIM card.


Enhanced security

Multi-IMSI SIM cards can be configured to prioritize certain networks or to only connect to trusted networks, improving security and reducing the risk of hacking or unauthorized access.


Simplified management

Multi-IMSI SIM cards can be managed remotely, which can simplify deployment and reduce administrative overhead.

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Why Com4?

So why choose Com4 for your IoT connectivity needs? With our cutting-edge technology, reliable and scalable solutions, and exceptional customer service and technical support, we are confident that we can provide the ideal solution for your IoT connectivity needs.

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