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Boost Micromobility with IoT

Com4´s IoT connectivity stack facilitates flexible, highly available, and cost-effective micromobility solutions with optimized fleets.
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Get ahead in Micromobility with our IoT expertise

IoT is a game-changer for micromobility. By leveraging the power of connectivity and analytics, micromobility providers can enhance safety, improve fleet management, provide a better user experience, reduce costs, and promote sustainability.

Com4 can help you develop a range of Micromobility Soultions


Enhanced Safety

IoT enables micromobility vehicles to be equipped with sensors and cameras, which can detect obstacles, traffic, and pedestrians in real-time. This information can be analyzed to make informed decisions and take preventative measures to avoid accidents.


Improved Fleet Management

IoT allows micromobility providers to monitor and manage their fleets in real-time. They can track vehicles' locations, battery levels, and performance data, ensuring that they are in optimal condition for use.


Better User Experience

IoT-enabled micromobility solutions can provide riders with a more seamless and personalized experience. Riders can use mobile apps to find nearby vehicles, unlock them, and pay for their ride, all without human interaction.


Cost Savings

By leveraging IoT, micromobility providers can optimize their operations, reducing costs associated with maintenance, charging, and fleet management. This can lead to better unit economics and increased profitability.



IoT can help micromobility providers achieve their sustainability goals. By collecting data on usage patterns, vehicle performance, and charging behavior, they can identify areas for improvement and reduce their carbon footprint.

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Global Cellular Connectivity for Micromobility

Utilize our global connectivity to fuel your e-scooters or e-bikes and experience unrivaled transparency and control through our intuitive platform and API. 

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We are your true partner for IoT Connectivity.

We help businesses visualize innovative IoT solutions and bring them to life through cutting-edge IoT cellular connectivity solutions.