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Leading Security Solutions for IoT

The need for IoT security is increasing due to the vast scale and complexity of IoT deployments, as well as the constantly evolving security landscape. 


Organizations should be aware that they are potentially under attack at all times.


83% %
IoT devices remain insecure
Minutes is the average time to first attack on an IoT device
€4 M
The average cost of a security breach
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Multi-layered IoT security made available

Com4 offers a wide array of additional services adapted to machines’requirements for secure communication. 

With Our Private APN (Access Point Name) offering, we provide a secure, isolated and private connection from the devices to various accesses as Internet, Enterprises, Data Centers and Cloud solutions.

With our APN solution, you can ensure that your IoT devices are connecting only to authorized networks, keeping your data safe and secure from any unauthorized access. Additionally, our VPN solution creates a secure and encrypted tunnel, protecting your data from any potential cyber threats.

With a VPN access from the Private APN we can securely transport the data from your devices through either encrypted tunnels or dedicated lines to your premises. Our VPN solutions are flexible and can easily be configured with different accesses.


Discover the Power of IoT with Com4’s Exclusive Free Test Kit

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Ready to revolutionize your IoT journey? Com4 invites you to experience the future with our Free IoT Test Kit – a gateway to seamless connectivity and unparalleled possibilities.

The Free IoT Test Kit includes:
  • Up to 5 SIM cards per applicant
  • 100 MB of data per SIM per month, usable within the EU
  • A 60-day validity period
  • Possibility to include eSIM form factor
  • Support for multiple technologies, including 2G/3G/4G/5G, LTE-M, and NB-IoT, all within a single SIM
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Ensuring the Security of IoT Devices in the Long Run

To minimize the chances of security breaches, it is crucial to maintain the safety of your devices and data communications. The security of your IoT assets is increasingly threatened by various factors, such as SIM theft, SIM swaps, unauthorized endpoint communication, and DDoS attacks.

Com4´s IoT Security Management provides a comprehensive range of capabilities, both at the SIM and network level, to safeguard the data that is transmitted to your application servers. With the ability to monitor and take appropriate measures, you can protect your IoT solution and gain greater visibility into potential security threats.

Implement Robust Security Measures Beyond Industry Standards

  • Configure safeguards that go beyond best practices in IoT security management
  • Mitigate the risk of a data breach by identifying and eliminating security holes
  • Automate identity and access management processes between devices, networks, and clouds

  • Employ a virtual private network to secure data transmissions from devices to application servers
  • Use private dedicated IP addresses and APNs to prevent devices from being accessible on the open internet
  • Use firewall systems to restrict access to and from authorized sites

Customer Cases

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