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Supporting Dignio in delivering better patient care through IoT connectivity

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Dignio and Com4 united to tackle Norway's medication adherence problem. Working together, they aimed to find a solution that ensures patients take their prescribed pills as intended, addressing the issue of only half of prescribed medication being consumed.

About Dignio

Dignio was founded in 2010, and is a visionary IT-company led by doctors, healthcare professionals, product developers and engineers. The company has an ambition to be the leading provider of mobile healthcare technological solutions. Dignio offers a renewed care model, which shall provide users with a higher quality of life and the public a more sustainable way of delivering care to the elderly.


In Norway, the significant problem of forgetful patients leads to only half of prescribed pills being consumed. This poses serious risks, as patients may not notice side effects and face sudden, life-threatening events like heart attacks, as highlighted by Steinar Madsen, medical technical director at the Norwegian Medicine Agency. Urgent action is needed to address this issue and improve medication adherence for better patient safety and outcomes.

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Dignio and Com4 have taken decisive steps to address this issue by introducing an innovative solution called Pilly. Pilly, Dignio's flagship product, is an intelligent pillbox designed to improve medication adherence. With a carousel containing 28 chambers, it emits a sound or light signal at the designated medication time. In case of missed doses, an SMS notification is automatically sent to the patient's designated contact.

Powered by Com4's SIM card technology, Pilly leverages a private network, separate from the open mobile network, ensuring seamless communication and secure transmission of critical information to the intended recipients.

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Pilly has achieved remarkable recognition, with its technology being adopted in over 50 counties in Norway and one county in Denmark. Furthermore, Dignio is currently in discussions with healthcare authorities in China and England.

Nationally, Dignio is witnessing a growing acceptance of IoT-based welfare technology among county officials. 

“Com4's unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional services, including tailored solutions and excellent customer support, has been instrumental in our success,” emphasizes Jens Espeland, Product Developer at Dignio.

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Dignio is currently present in five countries: Great Britain, Denmark, the USA, Iceland and Norway
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Patient-centric solutions leading to flexibility, a sense of achievement and increased awareness of the user's own health situation
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Making it possible to follow up a variety of health conditions and increase the life quality of many patients
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