How Sensorita revolutionizes waste management on construction sites with IoT connectivity, by linking rich sensor data and artificial intelligence


Sensorita and Com4 together solve a significant challenge on the construction site. Sensors in waste containers provide an accurate fill level and communicate with artificial intelligence solutions. This streamlines operations and enables important steps into the circular economy.

About Sensorita

Sensorita has developed new radar-based sensor technology to measure fill levels in large waste containers. Radar is an old technology, but it provides very rich data capture, which has been difficult to interpret. By using artificial intelligence (AI) to interpret this data, a sea of new possibilities opens up, where fill level is just the beginning. The technology is based on research from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU in Ås), and is the first sensor on the market specifically developed for this segment.


Large waste containers on construction sites involve significant challenges related to operations, economy, and environment. The construction industry accounts for 1/3 of waste in the EU, where stricter waste regulation has led to much time being spent on monitoring and follow-up. Emptying too early results in unnecessary costs. Emptying too late can cause interruptions in the construction process. Until now, monitoring of container fill levels has been a manual task performed by HSE employees.


With Sensorita's technology, challenges are solved and new opportunities are created. In addition to measuring an accurate fill level, the technology can also tell what kind of waste is in the container using artificial intelligence. Improved radar technology is a key premise for Sensorita's solutions. Between sensors and artificial intelligence lies communication from container to cloud. For this, Sensorita has chosen robust mobile communication from Com4: Using the global 4G standard LTE-M, battery-powered IoT devices can deliver data to the cloud and be interpreted by artificial intelligence.


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Sensorita's customers streamline operations while taking real steps into the circular economy: The container becomes a warehouse of resources to be used in new products – not an overwhelming amount of waste. This gives customers like Ragn-Sells an advantage in the competition for waste management on construction sites. With Com4 and their integrated mobile network on the team, Sensorita can easily enter new European markets.

500,000 number of measurements where the AI has been trained against a human-assessed measurement
"The solutions from Com4 are absolutely essential when sensor data from containers is transferred to the cloud."
"In order for sensor data to be used for artificial intelligence, we need reliable data transfer via battery-powered SIM cards from Com4."
“With Com4 and their integrated mobile network on our team, we can more easily enter new European markets”

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