Com4 relocates to the world’s smartest office building

Com4, Norway’s leading company in IoT communication, has doubled their number of employees over the recent years. The company has now grown out of their current premises and will be relocating to what is referred to as one of the world’s smartest office buildings.

Connectivity / Innovation | 15 May 2020

Stein André Larner, CEO of Com4, says that the company has undertaken an exciting journey the last couple of years. Currently a leading company in IoT communication, also known as the Internet of Things, they find themselves in competition with large international companies for global contracts.
"We have the most competent IoT environment in the country, which is clearly reflected in our results. We continue to grow both nationally and internationally, and we therefore find it natural to move on and settle in a high-tech building with room for further growth. Not least because this place is in accordance with our own values of sustainability and low carbon footprints", he says.

Spectacular building

Up until just a few years ago, Hasle was a relatively anonymous part of Oslo, not very ideal for businesses or as a residential area. Today Hasle is an oasis situated just eight minutes from downtown Oslo, where more and more people choose to live, while an increasing number of companies also establish their offices there. Hasle Linje, which is what the area is called today, has the highest number of certified sustainable buildings in Oslo.

"We are moving into Karvesvingen 5. With its eleven stories and 16 000 square metres, it is the tallest and most modern building in the area. The building will be an exciting industry cluster with its many technology companies", underscores Stein André Larner.

Karvesvingen 5 is nothing less than impressive. A total of 1000 people will be working in this building packed with technology. From the moment you enter, you will be followed by sensors adapting and optimising the climate and light conditions as necessary.

"The building monitors the behaviour and makes adjustments accordingly. Even the food consumption is being monitored in order to reduce food waste. As an innovative technology company it is only natural that we move our main office over here", he continues.

A unique position

In Norway, Com4 is the only company that focuses exclusively on mobile data communication for IoT units. In 2017, as the first mobile phone operator in Europe, the company launched rewritable SIM cards.

" We owe our success to the fact that we are, and always strive to be, a forerunner when it comes to new technology. Another factor that separates us from our competitors is our top competence. IoT is in the intersection between telecommunication and information technology. This places particular demands on our advisors, and it makes us stand out. We are therefore pleased to be taking a step further and moving into a building where technology, modern solutions, environment, operational costs and user-friendliness all play together," he says.


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