Com4 introduces support for the iSIM

IoT Security / Connectivity / Innovation / SIM technology | 3 July 2023
Com4, a leading provider of cutting-edge telecommunications solutions, is proud to introduce support of iSIM technology, the latest innovation in SIM technology that is set to revolutionize the IoT-Connectivity industry. With iSIM, Com4 brings forth a new era of seamless connectivity and enhanced security, offering significant benefits for a wide range of applications.
The term iSIM, or Integrated SIM, refers to a groundbreaking advancement that eliminates the need for a separate physical SIM chip in traditional formats such as 4FF, 3FF, 2FF, or MFF2. Instead iSIM implements the SIM functionality within a dedicated silicon area on the chipset of the module. Furthermore, iSIM adheres to the eSIM and RSP specifications set by the GSMA, ensuring compatibility and interoperability among operators and device manufacturers. Customers can then benefit from remote provisioning of network profiles, and avoid vendor lock-in.

Groundbreaking technology


Stein Andre Larner, CEO of Com4, expresses his enthusiasm for this groundbreaking technology, stating, "iSIM represents a monumental leap forward in SIM technology. It empowers IoT devices with unprecedented security, efficiency, and flexibility, opening up a world of possibilities for businesses and consumers alike."

By embedding the SIM functionality within the module chipset, iSIM opens up new possibilities with a reduced device footprint with fewer components where device size and constraints matters.

Furthermore, iSIM delivers substantial cost savings for large-scale IoT deployments. With simplified design, streamlined logistics, and fewer components, businesses can expect significant reduction in costs, making iSIM an attractive proposition for organizations seeking efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Optimal performance for a multitude of applications

Stein Andre Larner further emphasizes the value of iSIM, saying, "Com4 is proud to be at the forefront of SIM technology innovation. We believe that iSIM will unlock limitless possibilities and transform the way we connect IoT devices. Com4 is committed to providing our customers with cutting-edge solutions that drive growth, security, and efficiency."

In addition to its robust security, iSIM brings significant and predictable power efficiency improvements. IoT devices equipped with iSIM will benefit from extended battery life and enhanced operational efficiency, ensuring optimal performance for a multitude of applications.

Com4 is ready to collaborate with customers interested in developing products utilizing iSIM technology. We offer a comprehensive package including evaluation boards, modules, and professional services to support the design phase of the cellular connectivity and iSIM solutions.


About Com4:

Com4, part of Wireless Logic Group, is a leading provider of IoT connectivity solutions, dedicated to helping customers succeed through the power of IoT connectivity. With a focus on delivering cutting-edge solutions, Com4 offers full-stack global IoT connectivity tailored to match each customer's unique goals. The company's highly competent IoT specialists provide personalized advice and insights, ensuring customers receive the most fitting solutions with Nordic quality and reliability standards, European customer-centricity, and global reach.


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