Processing of personal data in Com4

Com4 is a provider of mobile data communication. Data protection is important to us, and we are committed to treating the personal data we receive, safely and in accordance with the current data protection legislation. Here you will find information on how we deal with the personal data we receive. This statement may be subject to updates and changes.

We will process your personal data when you are in contact with us. In this privacy statement you will find information on which personal data we collect, why we do this, and your rights associated with the processing of the personal data.


1. What kind of information we collect, and why we do it

We collect and use your personal data for various purposes depending on who you are and how we get in touch with you. We process personal data as a service provider, for marketing purposes and in connection with visits to our website,

We collect the following personal data for the purposes stated here:

Customer and provider data: The following personal data are processed: Name of contact person, email address, telephone number, job title. The processing of personal data takes placed based on consent, in order to fulfil an agreement or after a balancing of interests (GDPR article 6 no. 1 letters a, b, c, and f).

Sending out marketing and newsletters, and giving out information on our business. The following personal data are processed: Name of contact person, email address, job title, telephone number. The processing takes placed based on an agreement with you (GDPR article 6 no. 1 a). You can withdraw your consent to store your contact information at any time. We will then delete your contact information from the address list for the marketing campaign and/or newsletter.

Reply to inquiries we receive. The following personal data are processed: name, telephone number, email address and any personal data that may follow from the inquiry. The processing takes placed based on an agreement with you or based on a balancing of interests (GDPR article 6 no. 1 a, b. and f). We have assessed that this is often necessary in order for us to help you with your inquiries.

Web analytics and cookies. Information on the use of our website is processed in accordance with our cookie statement, which you will find here.


2. Disclosure of personal data to others

We do not disclose your personal data to others unless there is a legal basis for such disclosure. Examples of such legal basis will typically be an agreement with you or a statutory basis obligating us to disclose the information.

We use data processors to collect, store or otherwise process personal data on our behalf. In such cases we have signed data processor agreements in order to ensure data safety in all aspects of the processing.

All our processing of personal data takes places within the EU/EEA area.


3. Storage time

We store your personal data as long as it is necessary for the purpose for which the personal data was collected.

This means, for example, that the personal data we process based on your consent, are deleted if you withdraw your consent. The personal data we process in order to fulfil an agreement with you, are deleted when the agreement is fulfilled and all obligations following the agreement, are fulfilled. We are obligated to store some data for a certain period. The data are then deleted when the storage obligation expires.


4.  Your rights when we process your personal data

You are entitled to request access, correction or deletion of the personal data we are processing about you. You are also entitled to request limited processing, raise an objection against the processing, as well as request the right to data portability. You can read more about the contents of these rights at the Norwegian Data Protection Authority’s webpage:

In order to exercise your rights, you must contact us in writing. We will reply to your inquiry as soon as possible, and no later than 30 days.

We may ask you to confirm your identity or provide further information before we let you exercise your rights towards us. We do this in order to be certain that we sonly give access to your personal data to you – and not to someone who pretends to be you.

You can withdraw your consent to our processing of your personal data at all time, if you have given it. The easiest way to do this is to contact us in writing at


5. Complaints

If you believe that our processing of personal data is not in accordance with what we have described here, or that we otherwise violate data protection legislation, you may file a complaint with the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

You will find information on how to contact the Norwegian Data Protection Authority on their website:


6. Changes

In the event that there are changes to our services or changes to the legislation on processing personal data, this may lead to changes in the information given here.  If we have your contact information, we will notify you of these changes. Otherwise, updated information will always be readily available on our website.