Agriculture is one of our oldest industries, and is often associated with hard physical labour. M2M communications and the Internet of Things(IoT) on the other hand is starting to revolutionize even the most traditional industries. Innovation in telecommunications have made it possible for farmers to optimize different tasks, through utilization of technology.
The range of opportunities in agriculture is vast. Everything from monitoring and remote control of big machines, such as tractors and combine harvesters, down to tiny termostats in potato cellars or barns. It is even possible to control and shepherd animals on grazing land, by utilizing GPS and M2M technology. Bad news for sheepdogs, but huge efficiency gains for farmers.

The result is more optimized and sustainable agriculture, which reveal potential gains in every link of the chain, from production to distribution – Yes, even reduced prices for the consumer. A more efficient and sustainable agriculture also makes it possible to maintain more farms and more farmland for future generations, even in countries with expensive labor.
New machines in farming are getting more advanced, and every now and then new possibilities for automation and remote control is discovered. The introduction of sensors make it possible to monitor both machines, animals and buildings without being physically present.

M2M and GPS technology also make it possible to track animals through smart-necklaces. “Geofencing” makes it possible to replace physical fences with virtual ones that limit the animals movement. Through the use of sound and low-current electrical shocks the animals wearing the necklace is shepherded. Alarms can be triggered, and the farmer notified, based on GPS location, body-temperature, separation from the herd, or signs of illness.

Com4 delivers communication for agriculture, and have done extensive testing of the mentioned solutions.
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