Com4 gets new CTO

Martin Nord to be the new chief technology officer of Com4.

Connectivity / Innovation | 18 November 2019

"We are pleased to hire one of the market’s best in mobile technology", says CEO of Com4, Stein André Larner.

Martin Nord comes from the position of Head of Mobile Broadband at Telenor Norway, where he was responsible for the development and operation of the core network for mobile data and IoT services. He is looking forward to starting as CTO of Com4.
"For several years, Com4 has been providing services of the highest quality with the features customers demand. Many customers have therefore chosen Com4 over large and established players, both nationally and internationally. Continuing to develop IoT services in line with advances in technology, customer growth and Com4’s ambitions for new value-added services for our customers will be an exciting challenge", says Nord.

Nord will have a key role

Stein André Larner, CEO of Com4, says the company has long been a leader in innovation within the Internet of Things, and that the ambition is to be among the world’s leaders in mobile communications for IoT.

"To reach our goals and ambitions, we depend on the best minds. With Martin on the team, we have one of the best in the market for mobile technology management. He has broad professional networking expertise, and for several years has led the development and operation of the core network into one of the world’s best mobile networks. With his interest in the Internet of Things, organisational and business development and digital innovation, he will play a key role in the company", he adds.
"I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the outgoing CTO Pete Vickers for his outstanding efforts for almost eight years. As one of the founders of the company, he has played a key role in bringing Com4 to where the company is today. Pete has decided to step down, but we are grateful that he will continue to serve as advisor and continue to play an active role on the company’s board of directors", says Larner.

The fastest growing player in IoT

The official figures from the Norwegian Communications Authority (NKOM) show that Com4 has been the company with the most growth in IoT for several years. With 51,660 new subscribers, Com4 accounts for as much as 44.5 per cent of growth in the first half of 2019.
"We aren’t settling for being the fastest growing IoT company in Norway. We also have international ambitions and have offices in Stockholm and Frankfurt. Furthermore, we want to develop value-added services to help our customers with more than mobile IoT connectivity. To succeed in our growth strategy, we must be an attractive company to work at for the best in the industry, and this latest enhancement shows that we’re on the right path," concludes Stein André Larner.

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