Explore cutting-edge IoT solutions with Com4 at Eliaden

Join Com4 at Eliaden, the premier trade fair for the electrical industry in Northern Europe. At the Com4 booth, our experts are ready to offer personalized guidance and showcase innovative solutions tailored to enhance your IoT product or design.  

Connectivity / SIM technology / Cellular Networks / EV charging / Utilities | 23 May 2024

Eivind Bøe, Global Sales IoT Manager at Com4, is looking forward to meeting both longstanding and new customers at Eliaden. 

“With over 13 years of deep-seated expertise, our team is eager to support your projects with tailor-made IoT and smart technology solutions. We currently manage over 500,000 SIM cards in charging stations worldwide”, he underscores.  

As an integral part of the Wireless Logic Group, Com4 excels in IoT communications and the broader ecosystem surrounding these technologies. We emphasize the importance of early collaboration in the design process to ensure your technological choices are well-suited for future developments and markets beyond Norway.  

“We specialize in enhancing your solutions with smart connectivity and cloud integration, offering both the necessary hardware and software. No matter the scope of your project, our expertise in connecting devices and systems to the internet is at your service”, Eivind highlights.

Our solutions cover a wide range of applications, including automation, renewable energy, and charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, solar panels, and smart homes. Com4 provides advanced mobile technology that ensures seamless integration and secure communication between devices globally, thereby enhancing both performance and reliability.  

Guaranteeing constant connectivity for EV charging stations 

Com4 delivers robust solutions specifically designed for the rapidly growing electric vehicle industry. Enjoy global reach, extensive network coverage, and seamless connectivity across more than 750 networks in 190 countries. 

“Establishing secure communication for IoT devices from the outset is essential. We provide strong solutions that ensure secure connections from your devices to critical endpoints such as the internet, businesses, data centers, and cloud platforms”, Eivind adds. 

Our scalable solutions enable the effortless expansion of charging infrastructure into new markets. With flexible network capacity, we guarantee seamless integration and dedicated support. Additionally, our remote management capabilities allow you to effectively monitor, maintain, and update charging stations.  

Bøe looks forward to demonstrating the newest advancements in electrical IoT solutions at Eliaden. Be sure to visit our booth to receive a complimentary test kit. This kit includes a set of SIM cards, which you can test with the expert assistance of Com4 specialists.  

About Eliaden 

Eliaden stands as a premier trade fair for the electrical industry in Norway, hosted this year at Nova Spektrum in Lillestrøm. It draws a wide array of exhibitors and visitors from both the domestic and international arenas. The fair spans multiple sectors of electrical engineering, including energy, industrial applications, building automation, and lighting. 

Moreover, Eliaden serves as an essential platform for professional growth and networking, providing a range of courses, seminars, and conferences that delve into the latest trends and innovations in the industry.  


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