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End-to-end IoT connectivity for the Health Sector

With IoT technology, healthcare providers can collect and analyze vast amounts of patient data, allowing for personalized treatments, more efficient care, and improved patient outcomes.

World-class solutions for Connected Healthcare and Remote Patient Monitoring

IoT connectivity is rapidly transforming the healthcare sector by enabling remote patient monitoring, real-time tracking of vital signs, and predictive analytics that can identify potential health issues before they become critical. With the help of IoT devices and sensors, healthcare providers can collect considerable amount of patient data, allowing for personalized treatments.
IoT connectivity also enables medical professionals to monitor and manage medical devices and equipment remotely, resulting in cost savings and increased efficiency.

Next-gen connected IoT healthcare solutions


Self-sufficient living

Monitoring frail/elderly and vulnerable people in their homes.


Emergency medical services

Using tablets to manage patient records during care.

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Secure delivery of data from clinical trials.


Monitoring patients remotely

Clinical measurement done remotely.

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Consolidating the e-health industry

With increased expenses, an aging population and an increase in chronic diseases, the healthcare industry must change to be able to maintain a high quality of service. An important ambition is to reduce the need of hospitalization. Remote monitoring of health is an efficient way to achieve this, and IoT solutions are crucial of making it happen.


The continuous development of technology and digitization of the society have become commonly accepted, and opens doors for new solutions for “e-health”. The prevalence of wireless technology and mobile phones also contribute to reducing the threshold for adopting welfare technology that utilizes the mobile grid.

Com4 delivers communications to central actors in the field of smarter solutions for healthcare. We are also in close dialogue with the Norwegian directorate for e-health, which establishes standards and manages national e-health solutions.

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