Today the healthcare-sector produce more data per patient than ever before.
An endless variation of medical devices, weights, thermometers, blodpressure meters, heart machines, glucose and oxygenmachines; produce statistics and information. Today this information is not necessarily being communicated and used, or optionally stored in “silos”, The main focus “now” is to combine this patient information, to create a complete picture of the patients health, but also to improve the exchange of information between the machines, and the underlying systems.

M2M technologi and the prevalence of “The Internet of Things” (IoT) have contributed to much of the innovation we see today by taking advantage of mobile technology and facilitating that devices can send data in realtime to central systems. This technology drives the revolutionary changes we are experiencing in healthcare, it facilitates new services, improves care, and at the same time making it possible to save money with a more efficient utilization of time and resources.

With increased expenses, an aging population and an increase in chronic diseases, the healthcare industry must change to be able to maintain a high quality of service. An important ambition is to increase the flow of patients, and reduce the need of hospitalization. Remote monitoring of health is an efficient way to achieve this, and M2M is an important component of making it happen.

The continuous development of technology and digitization of the society have become commonly accepted, and opens doors for new solutions for “e-health”. The prevalence of wireless technology and mobile phones also contribute to reducing the threshold for adopting welfare technology that utilizes the mobile grid. Com4 delivers communications to central actors in the field of smarter solutions for healthcare. We are also in close dialogue with the Norwegian directorat for e-health, which establishes standards and manages national e-health solutions.

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