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Enhancing your retail operations with cellular connectivity

IoT connectivity can provide numerous benefits for retail operations. By improving the customer experience, streamlining operations, and promoting sustainability, IoT can help retailers stay competitive and profitable in today's fast-paced business landscape.

Empowering retail operations through connecting devices, data and people


Enhanced Customer Experience

IoT-enabled devices, such as beacons and smart shelves, can gather customer data and provide personalized recommendations. This can improve the shopping experience and lead to increased sales.


Inventory Management

IoT devices can monitor inventory levels in real-time and automatically trigger reordering when stock levels get low. This can prevent stockouts and overstocking, leading to better cash flow and improved profitability.


Operational Efficiency

IoT can streamline many retail operations, such as logistics and supply chain management. By collecting data and providing real-time insights, IoT can optimize processes and reduce costs.


Loss Prevention

IoT-enabled sensors can detect anomalies and alert security personnel in real-time. This can help prevent theft and reduce loss for retailers.



IoT solutions can help retailers achieve their sustainability goals. By collecting data on energy consumption, waste generation, and carbon footprint, retailers can identify areas for improvement and reduce their environmental impact.


End-to-end connectivity solutions for retail

We offer top-tier connectivity solutions for specialized retail applications, complete with optional routers and comprehensive support. With our plug-and-play pre-configuration and seamless 4G/5G connectivity, you'll be up and running from day one.

Retail applications

Our connected solutions are ideal for a variety of retail applications, PoS (Point of Sale) to digital signage. Whether you require single or multiple deployments, nationally or internationally, our solutions deliver reliable, resilient, and secure connectivity.

We offer a range of mobile routers, from single SIM to multi-SIM options, all backed by expert advice and hardware support. Our goal is to ensure that your retail outlets remain connected at all times, no matter what. With our retail communications offering, you can rest assured that you'll have the connectivity you need to keep your operations running smoothly.

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Need help with your IoT connectivity projects? Our retail experts are here to assist you.