Mobile data communication for

M2M and IoT




Com4 as one of few mobile operators in Norway, have their own core network and PLMN code.
This means we have full control over our service which is produced in a dedicated and advanced infrastructure. Our platform is optimized to handle mobile data-communication for M2M- and IoT- solutions



We offer full mobile coverage in Norway(2G/3G/4G) plus seamless roaming in the EU and most other countries globally – everything is delivered by a simple SIM. If an operator has no coverage in the area, or are having technical difficulties, you will automatically find an alternative network abroad.



Management of SIM-cards and services are dealt with through Com4’s Web-Portal. Here you can manage your subscriptions and take advantage of advanced features. Modules can also be implemented into your systems by our API, so that the management becomes part of the routines already in place.


Additional Services

Do you have special security requirements for your M2M/IoT- solution?
Com4 offers a wide array of additional services, customized for machines need for secure communication. In addition to standard-services such as data and SMS, we deliver additional services such as public fixed IP-addresses, closed private APN, VPN and more.