The security market includes applications and units that cover the security- and monitoring needs for governments, companies and consumers.
The most common solutions are burglary- and firealarms, safetyalarms, videosurveillance and accesscontrol, but we also see solutions can monitor convicted fellons who is under house arrest. With a high level of security and the possibility of quick and efficient installation, mobile based communications have been an important part of such solutions quite some time.

Today security systems are used just as much for remote monitoring as to prevent theft. Modern smart homes with M2M adapted security systems improves security, visibility and openness, as well as including new units such as smart locks and doorbells controlled by a smartphone, videocameras and listening possibilities.

Mobil datacommunication can get coverage from multiple base stations which gives redundancy, stability and high quality of service(QoS). Satelitecommunication can also be used as part of the mobile communications solution where needed.
Many solutions use specially designeded SIM cards for the purpose. Specialized mobile operators offer M2M SIM with a longer lifespan, robust enough to operate in a challenging environment. With mobile datacommunications it is also easy to manage the communications solution, without being dependent on fixed lines or private WiFi-networks outside the security provider’s control. Utilizing private APN’s and other security solutions makes the mobile grid an ideal carrier of critical communications. Because of the prevalence of LTE(4G), even the most data intensive solutions such as CCTV can be based on mobile datacommunications.
Com4 is a substancial provider of security systems and delivers communication to all mentioned usecases.

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